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Howdy, visitor! I'm Ethan.

You've arrived at my little corner of the internet. This is my personal site where I share my thoughts and adventures in my areas of interest. Please, grab a cup of coffee (or tea!), and have a look around!

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When I have the time, I like to write about computer science, math, and sometimes more artistic topics, like graphic design and typography. You can find my articles in the archive below.

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I am a computer science student...

I live in East Texas, and I'm pursuing my baccalaureate at the University of Texas at Tyler. I'm particularly interested in high performance programs, reliable and memory-safe software, and great user experiences.

I'm pretty active on GitHub (at least, when I have time), so if you're curious about what I'm learning at the moment, go check it out! I have a link in the site header.

...and an amateur designer...

I love studying letterforms and typography. While I often work with traditional media and techniques, such as calligraphy, I enjoy modern tools like \(\LaTeX\) and HTML as well.

To understand how best to use modern design technologies, we can study their origins in the early scriptoriums, type foundries, and printing houses of the old world.

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...and a reluctant "math guy"...

Reluctant, because I never did like math in grade school. University mathematics is a much more interesting topic, and it is literally an infinite field of research.

Math and programming are very closely intertwined, and I hope to study numerical methods in more depth. Right now, I'm implementing as many numerical algorithms as I can in Rust.

...and finally, someone who loves research.

For example, check out my paper on the mosaics of San Marco in Venice!

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